Are You In For An Adventure Trip?

Bored with all the routine and daily stress of the city life? Leaving civilization behind for an outdoor adventure can be daring and fun, but you need careful preparations if you want to stay safe. If you want to ensure that everyone enjoys the next camping trip, consider applying some of the information that has been shared with you here.

Bring sleeping bags appropriate for the season. Bringing a winter bag camping in summer can cause you to roast all night. Alternatively, taking a light bag in the winter can lead to great discomfort. You could even develop hypothermia or frostbite if it’s very cold.

Bring a survival kit with you and be sure to always have it on you. A survival kit should consist of matches, first aid necessities a flare gun and a knife. This kit can keep you alive! Keep your kit with you at all times; don’t leave it at the campsite.

Learn to set up your tent prior to leaving on your trip. It will help you make sure that all of the parts are included and learn how to set it up right. This kind of “dry run” also helps lower your frustration level when setting up the tent at the campsite.

See if you can integrate swimming into your camping trip. Showering is one of the comforts of home you will have to do without while camping. You will find yourself feeling clean and refreshed after a dip in cool water.

Check the weather before leaving for your camping trip. There are lots of websites that can give you an idea of what the typical weather is like in the area during the time of your travel. When you know what the weather will be like beforehand, you can plan more appropriately.

If you think you’ll miss the luxuries of home, bring along a little something. Make it something easy to transport like your favorite coffee sweetener or candy. These small luxuries can really brighten your spirits!

It’s important that you make an effort to ensure that all gear you will need is packed before you leave to go on an outdoor adventure. It is very inconvenient to forget to bring essential items like your sleeping bag or tent. Make a list of the items you need, and double check it before you leave home. Your list of camping supplies should include several flashlights with extra batteries and lanterns.

Knowing these basic info will make your outdoor activity more fun and less stressful. Go and have a memorable trip!

Deer Hunting 101

As a young (or even older) individual new to the deer hunting game, the whole concept might sound a little challenging, especially for those people who have little in the way of hunting experience of any kind.

However deer hunting is hardly the most difficult activity in the world, especially for those individuals willing to inject the time necessary to master it.

+Deer hunting essentials

Successful deer hunting requires preparation; you cannot afford to wander off into the woods before ascertaining that you have every item you might need to carry out the hunt, essential items crucial for deer hunting including the following:


Whether you choose to use lightweight mesh gloves during warm weather or glomitts during colder seasons, these items will protect your hands, allowing you to proceed without worry.


Dear hunting requires some stealth; and to avoid being seen and spooking your prey consider using camouflage makeup to blend into your environment. Face masks are also just as effective.


Batteries are essential tools while in the field; and whether you need them for your flash light, range finder or GPS unit, a couple of spare batteries might make all the difference in the world while you are out deer hunting.


You are free to urinate in the woods if you want to; however there is no telling how the deer will react to the scent. To avoid such complications, keep a bottle on hand that you can urinate into.


You will need flagging to mark trails, downed animals, stands and the like. You must be careful about how you utilize flagging. You can never tell who might make use of it. While deer hunters rarely have to worry about thieves, one cannot rule out the potential threat they might pose.


Going deer hunting without extra arrows or ammo is very foolish, especially since you can never know how many shots it will take to kill your prey. You need extra ammo and arrows for emergencies.


Most relatively experienced hunters can get around in the woods without assistance; however a GPS unit can simplify matters in ways you might not be able to imagine.

-Hunting pack

When you are selecting a hunting pack, you need to favor camouflage a model, the kind that is unlikely to stand out in the field. You should also take into account the space and number of pockets your chosen pack boasts, this determining the ease with which you can store your essentials.


A compass is essential for any individual that intends to venture into the woods for any purpose; deer hunting is no different. When your GPS unit fails for whatever reason, you need to know that you have a compass to rely upon.


You will need some clean drinkable water not only to quench your thirst but to also wash your hands, possibly even to rinse out a wound. You can use your empty water bottle as a pee bottle.


A lighter or matches are very handy tools to keep on hand, proving effective for a number of purposes, from checking wind direction to starting emergency fires.

Along with the right tools, this including knives, rope and a flash light, you need common sense and some quick thinking to partake in deer hunting successfully, some tips that might prove useful in the field including the following:

-You need to keep in mind the impact your odor can have on the deer; which is why you should only shower with scent free soap prior to your hunting trip. There are scent killers you can use to mask your odor altogether.

-Do not wait until deer hunting season begins to practice setting up and taking down a tree stand. You must learn to get into and out of your spot expediently before venturing out into the woods.

Not a fan of deer hunting? What about wild hogs? We like HOGS too! Check out Gum Log Plantation for the best outdoor fun experience.

Going on a Fishing Trip? Read This and Catch More Fish!

You can do a lot when it comes to fishing; it is a very good way for the whole family to enjoy some great quality time out in nature. The following advice will help you improve your fishing skills, resulting in even more fun.

Pay attention to your knots. The knots in the fishing line are what hold your hooks to your line. It doesn’t matter how many fish you catch if the hooks come free from the line under pressure. Practice knots with thread or other material at home before you take to the waterways.

Leave a caught fish in the water as long as possible. If you have caught a fish but are not yet finished fishing for the day, then it is important to leave him in the water. You can tie him to your boat and trawl him behind you until you finish for the day. This helps to keep the fish fresh longer for later on.

A person fishing with bait would be wise to use a bobber or some sort of indicator while fishing. It can be hard to tell when you get a bite at times, and a good indicator will eliminate that problem. Choose one that is easily visible to you on the surface of the water.

Weather can either help or ruin your fishing experience. Be sure to check the forecast prior to your fishing trip. Don’t just check a week before you go, check the night before or morning of your trip. Be prepared to reschedule if the weather is not ideal.

Give other anglers their space. If you spot another angler catching many fish you might be tempted to fish close to them. Don’t do this. Not only are you invading their space, but you could be risking your safety. If they make an error with their cast or if the wind catches it, the hook could go into you.

If you can’t reel in fish with your favorite lure, check the integrity of your hooks. It is common for fishermen to forget that older hooks may have become dull or twisted, making catches much harder to achieve. One way to ensure that your favorite lure properly works is to change the hooks regularly.

Monitor any smells you have on your hands. Whether through the use of lotions, perfumes or scented soaps, odors on your hands can easily transfer to your bait. If the fish smell this, they may not bite.

No matter where you may be on the scale of experience, you can always learn something new. Use the advice learned here to raise your chances of catching those elusive fish.

If you want to experience some great bass fishing experience, check out our friends from Gum Log Plantation. They also offer other outdoor activities like deer and hog hunting. Explore the great outdoors!

Hog Hunting Buddies in Georgia

Springtime in Georgia. The entire world is getting green there. And it’s time for some hog hunting. We recently went and spent a weekend at Gum Log Plantation.  The hunting retreat is just outside of Abbeville GA – the self-proclaimed Hog Hunting Capital of the World – to do some serious hog hunting with owners Cary Williams and brother, Bland Williams. The area is huge and we’ve got to admit, we were pretty impressed.

A very large guest house, aka the plantation house, is done completely in local pine and completely amazing. Actually gives that homey type of feel to the place. I presume it was 8 bedrooms or so and can easily hold groups in the 20 or so range. Not only is the genuine property huge, but so is the house. Even with 20 folks floating about, it is not like you’re going to be crowded – trust us. Cary and bland say that it’s more often not necessarily the 20 individuals groups and smaller groups which come in. Group hunts of 4-12 are pretty common.

They say on their website that they have, I think, like 3000 acres or something big, but you does not strike until they begin running you around the area.

Jump in the rear of a truck and get the go-round of the entire property. Honestly, Georgia hunting just doesn’t GET any better than this. No kidding. Feed fields – they do so that you’ve got your choice depending on time of year, deer and hog hunting here. If you are curious or inclined, you can also do some fishing. Fields that are regular plus plenty of forested areas. Just so much property. If you’re a hunter, you value the outdoors – and you’ll not be disappointed here. You can roam around for days should you prefer without seeing anything but nature.

You can roam off by yourself whether you desire – particularly if you’ve been here before. Cary said they do have lots of returning visitors every year. Dads and sons, corporate excursions, families. He mentioned the guys from Glock come down here. A lot of people from Raleigh. Cary possesses another business began here in Georgia, Ocmulgee Concrete Services, that is headquartered in Raleigh NC. Because of that, they end up with a number of groups coming down. It looks like they had a good time LOL.

The food is wonderful. The brothers do some cooking that is awesome. Without that, they put on the feed bag for visitors in a big way. We’d some wrapped pork tenderloins. Yummy. Merely great down home cooking.

Just can not say enough about this area. Definitely worth a trip to their web site. If you’re going anywhere near Abbeville GA to do some hog hunting, we actually have to give a nod to the guys around at Gum Log.

Familiarizing The Hog Hunting Place in Georgia

cropped-woods.hog_.banner.web_As the deer season wind down at a fast pace, it is also time for you to look for other wild games of hunting for fresh meats that you can place in your freezer. A number of WRD biologists have stated that there are a good number of WMA that have populations of wild hogs that are huntable, and it is also time for the hunters to take their stage and aid the WMAs that are facing difficulties. Wild hogs are prone to uprooting plants that are listed as endangered, bring troubles to the streams by adding flowing sediment, destroy turkey and quail nests, devour a lot of the acorns that could be used as a source for other wildlife and may even tear up the entire woods.

While some people believe that the number animals are decreasing as of late, wild hogs are indeed wild creatures, and are capable of reproducing at a very fast rate. This is why there is a call for a hunt, but regulated that they do not get reduced at a fast rate. Making it more challenging for those who wish to hunt. Hog hunting place in Georgia are regulated in order to make it for the hunters easier to kill the hogs. There have been recent changes with the legal laws against other wild animals, such as allowing to hunt foxes and bobcats with the use of .17 caliber and the larger centerfire rifles during seasons for hunting them.

But enough of that. You will know from here onwards on what are the recommended places for hunting hogs. There are 7 regions for WRD Game Management within Georgia. Each of these region have the best wild hog hunting places for hunters.

texoma-hog-hunting-200-400Region 2 or the northeast of hog hunting place of Georgia has the Swallow Creek WMA, which measures 19,000 acres, said to be one of the best place for having lots of wild hogs. Experts advise that hunters should concentrate on areas that has a lot of acorn and rooting activity as it is where all the wild hogs gather. They also said that most of the sign will show up along the ridge lines. In Swallow Creek, hunters should expect a lot of climbing as it can reach up to 4,430 feet in height. But hunters have other access to higher sections. This can be done by taking the route of the Indian Grave Gap road from the Hwy 17, which is right across the Appalachian Trail at the top.

Hunters can work their way to the ridge lines, or they can pick a spot that has long visbility, a lot of hog sign and hunters can wait for them to come out. The eastern side of this place is the national forest which is open for hunting, the western side of the Tray Mountain is where the WMA region lies, but the former is very rugged and remote. If hunters wish to traverse such place, it is best to prepare a GPS, compass and map to plot a safe route. For backup spot for hunting, the Warwoman WMA, measuring 15,800 acres is another location where hunters can find high ground surrounding the Hail Ridge and weather station field. There are a lot of pig signs in this area that are recommended for hunting.

Before hunters go out to hog hunting, they must be prepared about handling the hogs that they have killed. They are capable of carrying diseases that can be infectious to humans. Keep the hands protected with plastic gloves and wash hands with hot water and soap right after handling killed wild hogs.

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