cropped-woods.hog_.banner.web_As the deer season wind down at a fast pace, it is also time for you to look for other wild games of hunting for fresh meats that you can place in your freezer. A number of WRD biologists have stated that there are a good number of WMA that have populations of wild hogs that are huntable, and it is also time for the hunters to take their stage and aid the WMAs that are facing difficulties. Wild hogs are prone to uprooting plants that are listed as endangered, bring troubles to the streams by adding flowing sediment, destroy turkey and quail nests, devour a lot of the acorns that could be used as a source for other wildlife and may even tear up the entire woods.

While some people believe that the number animals are decreasing as of late, wild hogs are indeed wild creatures, and are capable of reproducing at a very fast rate. This is why there is a call for a hunt, but regulated that they do not get reduced at a fast rate. Making it more challenging for those who wish to hunt. Hog hunting place in Georgia are regulated in order to make it for the hunters easier to kill the hogs. There have been recent changes with the legal laws against other wild animals, such as allowing to hunt foxes and bobcats with the use of .17 caliber and the larger centerfire rifles during seasons for hunting them.

But enough of that. You will know from here onwards on what are the recommended places for hunting hogs. There are 7 regions for WRD Game Management within Georgia. Each of these region have the best wild hog hunting places for hunters.

texoma-hog-hunting-200-400Region 2 or the northeast of hog hunting place of Georgia has the Swallow Creek WMA, which measures 19,000 acres, said to be one of the best place for having lots of wild hogs. Experts advise that hunters should concentrate on areas that has a lot of acorn and rooting activity as it is where all the wild hogs gather. They also said that most of the sign will show up along the ridge lines. In Swallow Creek, hunters should expect a lot of climbing as it can reach up to 4,430 feet in height. But hunters have other access to higher sections. This can be done by taking the route of the Indian Grave Gap road from the Hwy 17, which is right across the Appalachian Trail at the top.

Hunters can work their way to the ridge lines, or they can pick a spot that has long visbility, a lot of hog sign and hunters can wait for them to come out. The eastern side of this place is the national forest which is open for hunting, the western side of the Tray Mountain is where the WMA region lies, but the former is very rugged and remote. If hunters wish to traverse such place, it is best to prepare a GPS, compass and map to plot a safe route. For backup spot for hunting, the Warwoman WMA, measuring 15,800 acres is another location where hunters can find high ground surrounding the Hail Ridge and weather station field. There are a lot of pig signs in this area that are recommended for hunting.

Before hunters go out to hog hunting, they must be prepared about handling the hogs that they have killed. They are capable of carrying diseases that can be infectious to humans. Keep the hands protected with plastic gloves and wash hands with hot water and soap right after handling killed wild hogs.