Texas is the state which boasts that everything they do is the best in the whole country! Hunting and fishing is on the list of possibilities in Texas. The state of Texas currently supports over four million deer. Game management is in place for the deer, so you don’t have to worry about affecting the natural balance. Texas is a great place to consider hunting.

The weather in Texas is very unique, you have to be prepared for it to not be predictable. You really have to be ready for anything. November and December are very cold in during the mornings (normally around 30 degrees), then it warms up in the afternoon (around 70 degrees), and light rain and wind in between.

Each experience with Texas hunting will be different than the others! This is because it’s so changeable. Texas is a big state, and so traveling can get you a very different experience. In different parts of Texas, you can find whitetail deer and mule deer. Many types of terrain can be found in Texas, from deserts, hills, streams, and even wooded areas.

When you’re not hunting deer, there are all types of fowl available. Small game hunting and even hog hunting are all great year round activities that can be enjoyed by all.  Nothing says “Good hunt” more than a fat pork roast on the grill for dinner.

Caution must be exercised when hunting in Texas. The federal government does not allow you to hunt anywhere you want. Much of the land is owned by private individuals, and so you must ask permission. Texas penal code makes it a crime to be trespassing on any land in order to hunt. It does not matter if the owners have posted a sign. If you try searching, you will be able to find a private land owner who will allow you to hunt for a fee. You may get lucky and find a generous owner who will let you hunt for free. You can try searching on the internet, or possibly contacting the landowners individually.

You may want to play it safe and spend your money on a private land deer hunt. Most of these landowners offer a deal that if you fail to bag anything, you do not have to pay anything. The landowners offering these types of deal usually have a large and healthy stock of deer. Remember, if you get one, then you pay. The usual amount for a whitetail buck is around $200. These are better options because you are on legal hunting land, and you know that they actually have deer.

You won’t be wasting time and money trying to hunt deer in Texas and may also have something to bring home!

If you have your heart set on bringing down a deer on your trip to Texas, consider a guaranteed deer hunt on a private ranch. There are more and more of these types of leases available all the time, offering you a no-kill, no-pay deal on private land that usually has an abundant stock of well-managed, healthy game. Now, if you do shoot a deer, it won’t be cheap – generally about $150 to over $200 for a whitetail buck. But you’ll know you’re not trespassing on anyone’s land, you’re sure to be in an area that sees lots of deer, and if you don’t get a deer you don’t pay. With the hunting in Texas for whitetail deer so spectacular, it’s a reasonable price for sure thing.

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