hog-huntingTexasbiggameawards is a site for hunters, specifically hogs, by hunters. We try to stay up on all things hog hunting related. We also know what massive pests these are and the threat they pose to local wildlife and crops, they have to be stopped before we can no longer contain their growth. We think that everyone should have the chance to go on a good hunting trip in their life. The mix of patience, stealth, aggressiveness, quick reactions, these are situations that we thrive in! Hogs can be dangerous so if you’re looking to take down something more docile that’s definitely an option too. We can give you advice and tips on how to take down a deer, they also have a massive population and pose some big threats to crops. We do want to note that if you’re just hunting for sport and not to remove dangerous pests, you need to use all of the animal you kill and show it respect. That animal gave its life so that you’d have food.

On our blog you’ll find good tips and information for your own hunts! Safety is THE single most important factor in hunting, so you need to be sure that’s always your first thought. Other than that just make sure you have a great time and come back to us with any cool stories you may have, we’d love to hear them!